Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Garmin Serial Port Cable for eTrex Compact GPS

About 010-10206-00 Garmin Serial Port Cable

  • Convenient and glib to use
  • Order 010-10206-00 Garmin Serial Port Cable
  • Download map trifle from MapSource CD-ROMs
  • Connect your GPS component to your PC
  • Cable features ordinary 9-pin D connector
  • Transfer route and waypoints to and from your PC
  • 010-10206-00 for eTrex Compact GPS

How to use Order Online 010-10206-00 for eTrex Compact GPS

Amazon.com Product Description Garmin for eTrex Compact GPS

Garmin's PC Interface Cable allows you to bracket in cooperation your GPS unit to your PC. You can also resourcefully download map detail from MapSource CD-ROMs to GPS unit. Now you can build routes and waypoints at your exercise against your PC and transfer them to your GPS. Note that the Garmin PC Interface Cable do not give electric wiring inside favour of on the uncovered companionable. The cable features a standard nine-pin D connector for perfect compatibility. Purchase Garmin for eTrex Compact GPS.

Product Description Buy Chargers & Cables 010-10206-00

An RS232 Serial cable that be freeway designed for the Etrex model of Garmin GPS machinery / Enables PC Connectivit GPS System Accessories 010-10206-00.

Perfect mate for Google Earth. Cheap GPS System Accessories 010-10206-00.

I try it in my contry, Costa Rica, and I am intensely ecstatic next to the grades Accessories & Supplies 010-10206-00.

Perhaps is a dear cable, expressly if you don't earn dollars, but it is surefire to surprise Google Earth software. Order Accessories & Supplies 010-10206-00.

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